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Galaxy Eye
Finally downloaded Photoshop again, thought I would try to do something eye related. :3

Just a little video I made with my voice acting team. :3

I'm deciding if I'm going to make a short film about Alternate Universes. I find the concept really cool. The theory I like is called the Membrane Multiverse. Which is basically that our giant universe is 3 dimensional, but we exist inside a larger universe where it has nine dimension, allowing more and more 3 dimensional universes to stacked upon each other, like a paper. Our universe in singular, like a page of a book. But overall there is a universe where all of the pages make up one giant thing. I don't know if that made sense but whatever.

So my idea is to have that type of theory implemented into my short film. Where the "pages" connect at certain points in time. But not necessarily the same time period. Like one page can be set in the 90's while the other can be set in the 21st century. Anyways, so the "page" of our universe connects to another, which is very rare. The thing is that when our worlds connect we can't see into that alternate world, and etc for the other side. So I was thinking that because of the alternate universe there will be like "ghost" things. Like things being replaced/moved. Our the feeling of discomfort. 

The main character is going to be like living in these two universes. But they are two different people. They have different lives, like night and day.  I haven't really thought much into what the story line is, but I really like this idea. So I'm hoping that I can get out there and make this short film. :3 What do you guys think of this idea?

Also please don't steal my idea :3 Thank you
Galaxy Watercolor.
I couldn't find watercolor paper, so until then I'm gonna leave this up until I find it and so I can make a better one. 
I made another poem but this time it's for a project. But I don't know if I'm going to use it.

Here it is.

A True Measure

A true measure
A person who acts a certain way in situations.
A person who shows a small gesture of kindness
Has wiseness
A person who just stares
Has too many sour gears.

A true measure could also mean how far apart we are.
How society has fallen apart.
How we all entangle ourselves in everyday lives.
It thrives us.
Whether we are five inches apart to 3 feet apart
We find ourselves entangled in other’s mess.
We might be blessed or stressed
A true measure never has success.
For we are too far apart
Even if we are five inches away
Instead of entangles we continue on our day
Hoping to have a carefree one
Hoping that our day is untangled as possible
And no knot to be seen.
We might not all mean to
But we don’t want to be caught
Outside of our society’s norm.
For this isn’t a game of inches.
But a game of popularity
Even so far apart
We are self conscious
We don’t want to be obnoxious
We don’t want to be the one hurt
We want to have a social standing
We want to be higher
Even if you try deny it.
Everyone does it.
We want to fit
It’s funny how hard we try to fit in
But we are drilling ourselves farther
It’s even harder
To fit in
Even if we touch skin
Our similarities are so thin
That it’s almost like we don’t belong
But that’s just the beginning.
We are strong
Even if we are wrong.
We start from somewhere
A true measure is a stretch to get somewhere
To drive society closer
Let’s stop being posers
Start entangling ourselves in others
For we might be not be so different after all
For I wouldn’t know
Since I’m like the rest
I’m not the best
But who cares
Just as long as we drive our society
Closer together.
So we can all stop trying to win the popularity contest
For we should try less to be obsessed
With being another person
For this isn’t a game of inches
Or a game of popularity
But a game of rarity
Someone who doesn’t care what others think
They don’t shrink
They don’t sink
They grow.
And slow
They slow the growing distance between others
They uncover the covers
Let the people see the color
Of how wonderful it is to be different.
For a true measure is journey
Or a true measure is a person
Who helps see the difference
How far we are.
So your day can be better
For we are one.


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